Session recording with the minimum performance impact.


Works well with all JavaScript frameworks

Plays nicely with all popular frameworks. Whether it is React, Vue, Angular or even Polymer.


Supports the latest web technologies and more

The world's first recorder to support Web Components/Shadow DOM and 2D CANVAS elements.
Are any of your stylesheets modified at runtime? We've got you covered.


Prevent sensitive data from reaching our servers

Emails and password fields are automatically obfuscated out-of-the-box. Additionally, the recorder does it's best to obfuscate sensitive data such as credit card numbers and IBAN numbers.
On top of these, you can also protect sensitive sections of your app by defining a list of DOM selectors per host (coming soon).


Whole page vs viewport capture

What if you want to capture what lies beyond the viewport? We support capturing the whole page.


Effortless nested IFRAMEs capturing

Capture same-origin IFRAMEs without having to inject any script. Everything is controlled from the top level window.


Minimum performance impact

All heavy processing is done out of the browser's main UI thread, leaving breathe space for your app.


Capture any web site with the Cubicast browser add-on

Install the Cubicast extension to capture any web site. Currently available for Chrome and Firefox.


Pixel perfect session replay with unique features.


Supports all popular browsers

Compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers.



Embed recordings in external sites. Use lightweight videos to show your users how features work.


Interactive seeking

Seek forwards and backwards with instant view updates.


Lossless zooming

Is the recording's resolution too high? High quality blur-free zooming lets you observe every detail.


Variable replay speeds and skip inactity controls

Is the recording's duration too long to watch? Use double or quadraple replay speed. Automatically skip inactivity periods.


Auto focus on form elements

The player can automatically zoom on focused form elements. Create stunning tutorials without traditional video editing software.


Extended recording info

We store useful information for each recording, including the browser version, OS version and device type.

 Post Process

Annotate recordings using the built-in Composer app.



Add bookmarks at any point for viewers to navigate with a single click. Mark them as bugs for the engineering team.


Sticky Rich Text Annotations

Annotate any element. Configure the annotation appearance and placement.

 Customer Support

Embed the Cubicast widget in your app. Accept customer support requests. Get meaningful insights.


On demand, local and continuous recording modes

On Demand: Give your customer full control of what is submitted to our servers. The user initiates the recording, repeats the steps that indicate his/her problem and submits a support request along with a short description.

Local: The recorder stores the user's latest activity locally. Once the user has a problem, the local copy is submitted (coming soon).

Continuous: All sessions are recorded. Support requests are attached on the current recording as notes/bookmarks (comming soon).


Identify API

Know to which of your customers each recording belongs. All we need is just a user ID. Optionally you may also provide name and email.