Today we published the core functionality that allows teams to collaborate within Cubicast. This is the first major step to making Cubicast an enterprise service.

How do teams work?

Every Cubicast user can create various workspaces to organise his work. A workspace is a collection of recordings. Teams are defined around workspaces so that the workspace owner give access to collaborators to his recordings and allow them to add new ones.

There is no technical limitation to the number of team members.

To add a new team member you have either to pick from existing Cubicast users, or to send an email invitation to the person you desire to add.

Team roles

The team roles are the following:

  • Administrator (that is the owner of the Workspace)
  • Contributor
  • Viewer

Contributors are allowed to make changes to the existing recordings and add new ones. They are not allowed to delete recordings or move them to another workspace. And they cannot change the visibility status of a recording, that is, turn a private recording to public and vice versa.

Viewers can simply view recordings. They have no editing rights at all.

It goes without saying that the admin has absolute power over all his recordings.