The last months we’ve been quiet working hard to build the missing pieces required for launching Cubicast as a fully fledged product, including subscription plans, payments and scalable infrastructure.

On top of the above, we are pleased to announce the following product updates:

Continuous Recording

We have repurposed the Cubicast widget to act as a silent continuous recorder, running in headless mode. Your customers will be able to submit support requests once we have our first integration with a 3rd party customer support system in place.

Once you embed the Cubicast snippet in your site or web app, it will automatically capture all sessions.

Slack integration

We have chosen Slack to be our first integration as a less obtrusive and more productive way of delivering notifications of workspaces' activity, when compared to emails.

You can easily enable Slack notifications from the workspace’s settings page using the new Integrations section.


User Cards

User cards contain useful information regarding your site visitors or app users, including when was the user’s first visit, when was the user last identified, the user’s last known location and a list of recordings with the user’s latest activity.

The user card is displayed by clicking on the user ID in the the workspace’s recordings list and the recording properties page.


Fine Tuning Your Email Notifications

When you subscribe to a workspace, by default you receive email notifications for every addition, modification or deletion of its recordings.

Now you can further fine tune your subscription, by selecting the event that you want to receive email notifications for, whether this is addition, modification or deletion.

This configuration options are available via the Notifications section in your account settings.