We are happy to announce the following features greatly enhancing our error logging offering.

Tracking caught JavaScript errors

Previously, our recorder was able to track only uncaught JavaScript errors. Our latest version introduces a new JavaScript API call that allows you to track caught errors. Typically, all you need to do is to include this call in a catch block.

Last, in order for this to work properly, don’t forget to update your JavaScript snippet to the latest version. Just copy our latest widget embed code in the workspace settings page and paste it in your web app/site.

Ability to snooze issues for a selected period of time

There are a couple of scenarios, where you would want to snooze issues logged for a period of time.

The first one is that once you become aware of an issue, you start working on a fix and you don’t want this error to appear again in the activity log.

Or it could be that the error is coming from a third party library, which you don’t have control of, and the error itself is not affecting the overall functionality of your web page.

See the recording below on how to manage your snoozed issues: