News regarding the latest Cubicast development and features.

New Adaptive Canvas Recording With Support for WebGL Canvases

The last month we have taken a new approach on canvas capturing. The previous method we used, although it had a minimum performance impact on canvas rendering, had one significant drawback; the frame rate at which each canvas was captured was inversely proportional to the canvas size. As a result, big canvas elements where captured at a low frame rate. This led us on re-writting the whole canvas capturing part using a self-adaptive method.

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Exporting Recordings and Popups Capturing

Based on feedback we got from our users, we are pleased to announce the following new product updates: Exporting Recordings as WEBM videos or animated GIFs A popular request among our users was to provide the ability to export recordings as native video files. The latest Cubicast Chrome add-on now offers this functionality in a straightforward way. Just open any recording in a new tab and hit the download icon. For the time being, mainly due to API limitations, this functionality is available only if using the Chrome add-on.

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Our Pricing Model

As Cubicast is getting out of beta, let us explain our pricing policy and the subscription plans in more detail. We tried to keep our pricing policy as clear as possible. All plans come with a set of available features plus a usage quota, in the form of maximum allowed API requests per billing period. First, all newly registered users are given a free 15 day trial period. During this period, you can try Cubicast to its full extent.

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What's New in Cubicast September 2019: Continuous Recording, Slack Integration, User Cards and More

The last months we’ve been quiet working hard to build the missing pieces required for launching Cubicast as a fully fledged product, including subscription plans, payments and scalable infrastructure. On top of the above, we are pleased to announce the following product updates: Continuous Recording We have repurposed the Cubicast widget to act as a silent continuous recorder, running in headless mode. Your customers will be able to submit support requests once we have our first integration with a 3rd party customer support system in place.

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Announcing Beta Support for Web Components and Shadow DOM

We are proud to announce that the Cubicast recorder now supports Web Components and Shadow DOM. This new feature establishes Cubicast as the first of its kind to support the above technologies. Using our unique DOM flattening technology, the recordings can be replayed to all popular browsers, whether they support Web Components / Shadow DOM natively or not. Here is a recording of the Polymer Shop demo app:

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Cubicast as a Problem Reporting Tool

EDIT: This is post is partly outdated. As of today, the Cubicast widget just records the current session. Submitting support requests will be feasible once we have in place the first integration with a 3rd party support system. Cubicast, will never evolve to a customer support system, but instead it will complement such systems. Having said this, the way to embed the Cubicast recorder in your web app or site remains the same, as described below.

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