As Cubicast is getting out of beta, let us explain our pricing policy and the subscription plans in more detail.

We tried to keep our pricing policy as clear as possible. All plans come with a set of available features plus a usage quota, in the form of maximum allowed API requests per billing period.

First, all newly registered users are given a free 15 day trial period. During this period, you can try Cubicast to its full extent. After this period is over, and unless the user has previously chosen to upgrade, the user is transitioned to the Free Plan.

The following subscription plans are available:


Ideal for small personal projects

Create video tutorials. Annotate and embed your video recordings in your site.


For small QA and engineering teams

Capture your testing sessions and pinpoint bugs. Replace long lists of reproduction steps with self explanatory videos. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

For small product teams

A team of people collaborate on creating video tutorials. Capture, annotate and embed in a single workflow.


On top of the Basic plan offering, the Standard plan offers the ability to capture your users sessions. Embed the Cubicast recorder in your web app or site and get valuable insights of how your users interact with it. The recordings expire after 15 days.


For high traffic web apps or sites with an extended data retention of 30 days.