Previously, the Cubicast recorder snippet was relying on 3rd party cookies to function properly. After Apple announcing that Safari now blocks all 3rd party cookies, we had to refrain from using 3rd party cookies.

Our latest version now uses the following top-level domain first party cookies:

Cookie NameLifespanPurpose
__cc10 minutesUsed for storing the recording details when the page is unloaded, so that it can be resumed when user reloads the page.
_cc_uid_*6 monthsUsed for storing the internal Cubicast user ID after an identify API call has been performed. If you don’t use the identify API then this cookie is not written; visitors are identified based on their browser fingerprint.
tld_domainUsed for identifying the top level domain.

And guess what: the recorder now works flawlessly in incognito mode with 3rd party cookies blocked.