We are thrilled to announce that our latest release supports recording sessions of private hosts, including localhost.

When using our browser extension, no restrictions of any kind apply. Thus, you should be able to capture any private host having pixel-perfect recordings.

However, if you have embedded the Cubicast recorder snippet in a private web site, residing in your local machine, intranet or extranet, cross-origin restrictions may apply. If all stylesheets, fonts and images are fetched from the same origin (i.e. same protocol, host name and port), then everything should work with no additional configuration changes.

In case you have media fetched from another private origin, make sure you have configured the origin’s web server appropriately, by adding the required CORS headers.

Capturing session from private hosts comes with a small additional cost. That involves all the additional API requests required for handling and storing images hosted on such hosts.

How does it work?

When the recording starts, the recorder detects if the current host is a private one. If yes, then all private images are uploaded to our servers. Just like in session recordings of public hosts, all publicly available images are fetched directly from their location.

Consequently, the first capture of a web page may have a long bootstrap time mainly because all images have to be uploaded to our servers first. Once the images are uploaded to our servers, the next capture should have a much shorter bootstrap time.

TIP: If your private site has a lot of images, try capturing the site with our extension first. This will ensure that all images a pre-captured.