Based on feedback we got from our users, we are pleased to announce the following new product updates:

Exporting Recordings as WEBM videos or animated GIFs

A popular request among our users was to provide the ability to export recordings as native video files. The latest Cubicast Chrome add-on now offers this functionality in a straightforward way.

Just open any recording in a new tab and hit the download icon. For the time being, mainly due to API limitations, this functionality is available only if using the Chrome add-on.

alt text

Furthermore, the settings tab now includes a new section for controlling the export format and quality.

Before exporting a recording as an animated GIF, make sure you resize your browser tab to the desired output image dimension, otherwise the process will be slower and you will probably end up with a large file size.

alt text

For a quick comparison see a sample recording in three different formats.

This is the original recording:

Exported and uploaded to YouTube using medium quality setting:

And last an animated GIF with low frame rate:

alt text

It goes without saying, that the original recording scores higher in terms of quality and size.

Capturing Popups

Our latest standalone recorder script now supports popups capturing. So if your web application relies on popups (by using commands) the recorder will capture the newly focused window and at the same time it will pause recording on the window which lost focus.

For this to work correctly, two things should be true for the popup:

  • The popup should be served from the same top level domain.
  • Our embed snippet is included in the popup.

We hope you find this new features useful!