We are excited to announce two new features:

  • Whole page recording
  • Recording canvas elements

Whole Page Recording

What lies below the fold of a webpage? One has to scroll down to find out. But what if you want to record before even scrolling? Get a quick snapshot of everything a user can see, not only what he actually sees? Enter the page recording option. You can now select between recording just the viewport or the whole page.

See it in action capture two google search result pages in full:

Recording Canvas Elements

One of the trickiest things to achieve in the kind of recording we perform, is to capture properly media elements such as the canvas element.

In the latest incarnation of our recorder it is now possible to capture 2D canvas elements. Currently, WebGL canvases are not captured.

This can be particularly useful when attempting to record actions of a user in a dashboard type of page, with lots of interactive graphs. Again, this is a setting of the recording plugin.

Your plugins must have already been updated with these new two features, plus another minor one: to select whether you want to immediately view a recording or go straight to the composer to edit it.

If you have cases where these two options can be utilised, we would love to hear back from you.