In the past few months, we focused on a new initiative towards optimizing our infrastructure and vendor costs. As it turns out, the outcome of this process is more than rewarding for all our existing and new customers.

For new customers, new pricing is effective starting today. For existing customers, the new pricing is in effect starting from the next billing period. The highlights of the new pricing model are:

  • Recording your website’s sessions has now become available to all paid plans.
  • More API requests with decreased cost.

The new subscription plans are:


No changes here. Capture any website with our browser extension, annotate your recordings, create video tutorials, and export your recordings as native videos or animated GIFs.

Starter (previously Basic)

As said above, we have included the ability to capture your website’s sessions. On the other hand, we removed Teams support. The number of API requests per month has remained the same at half the price! Ideal for personal projects or low-traffic websites (~20000 page views/month with media capturing turned off).

Medium (new plan)

What Starter offers along with Teams support and 700K API requests month. Ideal for startups, websites with moderate traffic and development/staging environments (~45000 page views/month with media capturing turned off)

Advanced (previously Standard)

We have increased the API requests by 50% (1.5M/month) at a reduced price of almost 40%!


For high-traffic websites. Optionally, we offer increased data retention of 30 days. Discounted prices start from $70 for 3M API requests per month and 15 days of data retention. Contact us to offer you a plan that suits your exact needs.