Use visual feedback to help and understand your users

See through the eyes of your users. Increase productivity for support agents, testers and web developers. Find errors, pinpoint bugs, show solutions.

Improve your Customer Support team efficiency by up to 40%

80% of time by customer care personnel is spent in communication between the involved parties. Using Cubicast, you can achieve a total reduction of 50% of time spent in communication, leading to a 40% total improvement.

Session recording and playback

Cubicast is a session recording service for web apps, adapted for popular workflows. To utilise Cubicast you need an account and an active subscription plan. There is a generous free plan too.


You can use Cubicast in various workflows: for Customer Support, User Testing, and generic website recording. The recording is either continuous or user-triggered, depending on the workflow. The recordings can be embedded in other pages like youtube videos.

Privacy Protection

Sensitive data like emails and passwords are automatically obfuscated. You can define your sections of sensitive data and protect them.

Embeddable Player

You can make your recordings public and publish them with the help of our youtube-like player. Showcase application flows and actions to your site visitors. Use as how-to's inside your apps.


Cubicast recordings are not videos. They are pure HTML and CSS. Think of them as replicas of the recorded pages. Recordings are very light and consume minimal bandwidth.


Define teams of collaborators and give them access to the recordings. Assign recordings, change ownership, and get notified of user actions.

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